Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Easy Christmas or Party Bunting


Ok this bunting is so very super quick and easy. You can used ANY Chritsmas gift wrap or as I've done these paper doilies. If using gift wrap just cut isosolies triangles to the size you require. I like them to be about 20cm long, to get it done even quicker layer the paper to cut multiples out at once. For the doilies cut the top few inches off to create a straight edge. I have used 2 different sized ones and alternated them along the ribbon. Any ribbon can be used and even the metallic curling ribbon runs through the machine fine. Leave yourself a tail of about 30 to 40cm for tying off. layer your doilies or paper under the edge of the ribbon as in the first picture and just straight stitch keeping the ribbon lined up with the edge of the paper. As i'd mentioned I've alternated different size doilies along the way leaving a gap of about 4 cm between each doilie. You don't even need to cut the thread just stitch along the ribbon for an extra 4cm then carefully feed the next doilie or bunting under the ribbon an keep going until you run out. Don't forget to leave a tail at the other end to tie up. It's really cheap to make and super easy to make.You can make this as long or as short as you like and can also be done in birthday wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper. Time this one took me 20 mins and cost-  ribbon $2.50, Doilies 2 packets $4.00 total $6.50 for a super effective decoration.
The last photo is my next little project. I've made heaps before and though for Christmas I 'd make a long string of small tissue paper pompon flowers. This is just the start so I'll pop on another picture once finished. Just as cost effective but a little more time consuming.

Our CHristmas theme this year is...

White & Wood (with a bit of silver for shimmer)

I don't know what it is about decorating the tree that I love so much. You'd think after being a VM for so many years that I'd be over decorating them but happily no. Months of deliberating and discussing with girlfriends what "theme" this year will be searching out those couple of extra special decorations to add in to the collection, I always hear grumblings at how my decoration collection is slowly growing. I don't know why he grumbles because I only have about 1500 items carefully boxed  up in colour order. You know one create for red ,one for yellow, one for green Etc and all the way through the colour spectrum. Doesn't everyone do that? It is in fact about the only thing in this house that is soooo freakishly organised.  I did have a BIG clear out years ago and believe it or not got rid of approximately 4 green garbage bags of baubles that I had used in my line of work. Now I only have to concentrate on my own home, ahhhh. I found some gorgeous little wooden birds at my fave coffee/ gift shop The Upholstery Gallery in Ballarat and decided on the theme, so here it is. I thought the little paper doilies bunting would make a cute addition to the wall (I'll pop on a quick and easy tutorial for how to construct your own doilies or Christmas paper bunting) and from the cover of the Christmas Country Style magazine I'd noticed on the tree they also have little tiny doilies hanging. I happened to have an abundance of these at the moment so I'll also add them on over the weekend. Enjoy the pics I hope you and your family have as much fun and receive as much joy decorating your family's tree as we do. we wish you a merry Christmas.
Warm Wishes, Rach

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Oh So Quiet, Shhh

Poor little man was sooo very tired this afternoon that he couldn't even wait until I'd got him out of the high chair to fall asleep! What a horrible Mummy I am leaving him there covered in baby dinner. But, he looked so very peaceful and sound asleep that I didn't have the heart to move him. I just had to share this shot with you all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Promotional Competition

Myrtle & Grace

So here it is, the highly anticipated..."All Things Nice " Collection for the Sugar & Spice children's market. Want to know how you can win a FREE Myrtle & Grace Dress? The next BIG promotion is open! It's easy and fun, just design Myrtle & Grace's new (standard) postcard front! It can be any medium scrapped, digital, painted etc It must have...

1. A Myrtle & Grace Dress or Tshirt

2. Myrtle & Grace Name

3. PDF or Jpeg Files Accepted

POst your entries onto the our face book page facebook and OR email to groobiteam@optusnet.com.au by 12th Dec. The winner will be judged by our friends online. The one with the most individual "LIKES" will be our lucky winner of a dress of your choice, custom or stock in time for CHRISTMAS. 3 lucky runners up with receive a double ribbon hair flower. So what are you waiting for, get creating. I can't wait to see what you all come up with. xx Rachael

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Myrtle & Grace: 48 hours...

Myrtle & Grace: 48 hours...: "Ric rac"

48 hours...

IN just 48 hours I have...
Made three more Wallets. Scrapped with Celeste (the one on the right) Made a page at crop. and finally after 2 years of procrastinating, started making a Vinyl shopper bag. The story behind the bag is this... A few years ago I had the idea that I would have some of my fave pictures of Emily printed onto heavy duty sign writers vinyl/PVC and after a test run on my sewing machine went horribly wrong I put it away for a while, then it got moved, then found again! Yeay. Now all inspired again after making the small PVC and paper wallets I found at the Ric rac blog. AND investing in the crucial and life saving Teflon foot for my sewing machine, sewing this baby up was a dream! That is until the upholstery thread ran out and the nearest shop is 40km away! a great big BUGGER, I'll have to wait till I go back into town again to be able to finish it off, but you gotta admit that it's starting to look pretty awesome already! Can't wait to show you the other side and if all this works out and they prove to be easy enough to bind I might just offer custom order bags for sale with your very own pictures on them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run Run as Fast as You Can...

You can try and catch me, but I'm not the ginger bread man!
What a crazy few weeks it has been around here. I took the kids away for our very first ever, ever, ever family holiday (Trips interstate to visit family don't count) While I'm sure the kids has a ball hanging out at the beach building sand castles (whole they are still allowed) and generally not having to do anything or be anywhere. I AM EXHAUSTED! So much for a bit of R and R. Oh well, it was nice not having a timetable to run to though and the local Op Shops down at Rye were a haven for inspiration and fabrics, lucky all my kids love Op Shopping too.
Just after getting back Myrtle & Grace mode was switched back on and it's all go go go getting ready for the Sugar & Spice market in just under 2 weeks . The brand new "All things nice" collection is is full production and I Even stopped briefly to put together the first of a little boys T shirt range. Suggestions for any other image ideas to put on boys T's are very welcome.

I have been madly fine tuning the details of the NEXT BIG PROMOTION for M & G which will be announced a little closer to the Sugar & Spice market. In between all this I had smacked the top of my head on the VERY heavy back door of the bus. "Ouch" was just one of the many expletives I used, I'm sure most of you could imagine what the others were. For a few days I was a bit out of it doing some strange things that I would normally have blamed my "placenta brain" on IF I had been pregnant (no, I am NOT! just in case you were wondering) Those strange things included putting the mobile phone in the fridge and putting the house phone in my hand bang then spend the rest of the day looking for them because I can't remember where I put them. Anyhow, I must keep sewing away, I feel neglectful of my blog but new and developing products are taking up my time.
P.S The weather had turned a bitter cold kinda wet the other and while driving along in the car Miss E yells "Mummy I sawd some penguins! they are three brothers" Hmm I wonder what she was talking about I know it's cold but penguins? This far inland? I glanced in the rear veiw mirror to see... Three black and white Magpies hanging out on the side of the road. Right colour and qty just wrong breed.  Put a smile on my face, what a treasure.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mmmmm. . .

New In My Sewing Box...
An absolutely deliciously scrumptious assoertment of quilting fabrics to play with. "Mwahahahaha" I say as I rub my hands together with anticipation! It's going to be a long night of creativness.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I wish I had a Photo For...

The Sweetest Thing...
This weekend just past Master 10 Found some dragon fly wings out in the garden. He ever so carefully transported them inside gently cupping them in his hand so they would not blow away in the breeze, and rumaged through the draw with one hand looking for an envelope to put them in. I, of course, thought the worst and wondered if he was either hurt and looking for a band aide OR that he was up to mischeif OR both! "What are you doing?" I grumbled. "I'm looking for an envelope" was his reply. "What? why? You are supposed to be outside enjoying the sunshine"
"I found these" holding out his ouside hands there they were a delicate pair of dragonfly wings in his typical little boys hands. "I'm going to keep them for Sienna, and give them to her. I'm going to tell her they are fairy wings!" My heart just melted, Awwwww what a lovely idea. I felt really bad then for grumbling and getting anoyed. And Sienna well she still beleives in Fairies and thinks they are the most special present ever! My lovely little man, I hope he stays this thoughtful throughout his life.

The Fabric File

So here tis' One of the things I've decided to do since receiving feedback at the last market is to let you have a seek peek at the fabric (new and recycled) BEFORE i get to it with the scissors. So that if you like it you can let me know what size you would like it made up in. Pop on over to my Facebook Page "Myrtle & Grace" for the Entire Collection in the Fabric Photo Album

9 Sleeps Left!


Don't forget about the free ribbon Flower offer! Introduce 5 of your friends to the Myrtle & Grace Face Book page to get a freebie1! But don't forget to let me know who your friends are so I can keep a tally at this end once the have "Liked" us!

Well Hello There Stranger!

It's Been A Little While!

So where do I start? With the first ever market I guess. I really worked myself into a big bundle of stress and now that's it's all over and done I don't know what all the fuss was about. I can tell you that I had started biting my nails again, I have a alot more grey hair. I quickly came to senses again and while the nails will grow back the hair...Hmmm. Thank goodness for hairdressers. I was really happy with how the stand looked, and I have come home with even more ideas for tweaking it some more, main based on the feedback from shoppers on the day. So BRING ON SUGAR & SPICE! November 28th, St Pat's Hall Dawson Street, Ballarat.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Summer Bliss

Summer Bliss.
While the weather has decided that we all needed a little reminder of Winter snow and all. I've been busy getting the Summer Bliss collection ready for it's official launch at the Buninyong Maker market next Saturday. I have decided to share with you a couple of the newest to the Myrtle & Grace family.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Awwww Special Moments.


Such Very Special Moments to share with you.

1. Emily ask's me "when is Will going to turn into a girl?"

I try to explain to my 3 yo that Will is a boy just like her big brother and Daddy, and that he is not going to be a girl.

2. While Emily is having a really good go at feeding her little brother she informs me that "Wheel (Will) is full". I ask "how can you tell that Will is full?" Emily explains that his eyes are big and they are going to pop!

3. After a very trying night of littlies waking, crying and ending up in a bed other than mine with Will and Emily. I sneek out while the littlies are still sleep and pop back to check on them to find them both with their arms outstretched holding hands while still asleep. AWWWWW!

Will's Christening

Will in the family Christening Gown. He is number 20 to wear it! He looks lovely in a frock.
I love these photo's of Will with his mate Hudson, sharing secrets and making Hudson upset by taking his dummy. Will with some of my family Grandma (My mum) and Nannie Turner (My maternal Grandma). Then Mummy and Daddy cutting the christening cake, Mummy even has spinach baby food all the way down her top!

Will has so exhausted by all the hoopla that he decided that it would be a good idea to have a nap half way through the service.

More of the service.
The weather was perefect for Will's Christening day and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing this special day with family and friends.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Maisie Flower goes Minty

Special Colours to coordinate- Maisie Flower goes minty with choc top lace. mmmm

Freebies Time!

Want a FREE ribbon flower?
All you have to do is introduce 5 of your friends to Myrtle & Grace's Facebook page (so that they follow 'LIKE' it too- they must appear on the like list at this end) Email me to let me know what the names are that you have invited and when they have all "LIKE" Myrtle & Grace you ribbon flowe...r will be on it's way. You choose the sunshine/ maize or apple/ fuschia colour and what back you'd like- snap or alligator clip. Once your 5 friends from the original email list "LIKE" us email me with your postal address and colour/ clip preference. Freebies offer starts today and finishes on the 10th November 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010


A Sneek peek at my two newest "Icecream Sundae" Flavours Mango Sorbet and Boysenberry Ripple. Sizes are yet to be decided so jump in quick to have your sizes made up.
Miss Lauren's Tomato pin cushions all ready for the market.

Yummy Fresh pairs picked only yesterday.

Just a few little hair accessories on their way to the markets, Etsy and Made It.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mint Chocolate Girly Twirly Dress
Just a little something we created today. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and I hope the recipient will be delighted. It moves away from the pretty pinks and vintage feel that is usually created BUT it's ever so girly. Can't wait until the rain stops and I can take some nicer photo's outside.

Facebook Likey

NEWSFLASH...Myrtle & Grace is now on facebook! Friend us to get the most regular and latest updates hot off the sewing machine. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday, Baptism & Bodies Everywhere!

Friday: Cook and prepare Party food, Pick up balloons, Do groceries for weekend's events, Appointment, Get drying done while in town, Ironing, Let chicken's out, Get to crop night for R and R.
Saturday: Man of the house M.I.A...Grrrrr. Hike to neighbours house get lawn mower and mow the party area, have small melt down (soooo much yet to do), Move 16' trampoline back to it's intended home after being blown away in wind. Keep cooking decorations and plating up party food, Yeay interstate visitors start arriving all 3 car loads- start allocating jobs!, Party tent up continue decorating, race back up stairs check on progress of food preps, have it all ready by 2pm, feeling queasy oh that's right better get some food into me! M.O.H no longer M.I.A Hmmm back just as everything is finished and ready. I'd spent my breakfast time mowing and last night dinner time at crop- no wonder I feel yuck. LUNCH, then PARTY!! Why is every one so fixated with the TV? was there something important happening today? ;)
I just couldn't resist doing another PINK party for Miss E's 3rd birthday. This time we had a "Ballalina" theme as Emily would call it. And some hot pink infused into the all ready created decorations (Made allot of sense to reuse them). The weather turned out to be quite spectacular so I was counting my blessings there. We reused the little milk bottles and had Ballet shoe straws. The party bags are little noodle boxes each with individual hair ribbon to tie it off and glittery initial tag for each guest. The party table looked beautiful with all pink bowls, doilies, food and spring flowers to finish it all off. I found the cutest little pink dessert bowls while shopping and we used those to make pink pudding with strawberry jelly fresh strawberries on the top. Miss Emily has been excited all month telling me it was soon her birthday and when the table was set up awaiting guests she could hardly be contained. We unfortunately lost a few helium balloons as the breeze picked up but it didn't spoil the day at all. The kids though it was exciting to watch them fly off into the sky and they had competitions to see how long they could see it for until it became lost in the clouds. Every one had a ball especially the birthday girl. I think the look on her face says it all. My visitors decide they want to stay here for dinner instead of going out to the local pub for dinner so after cleaning up the party I guess it's dinner for 14 as well! Bugger. One day down and I'm exhausted just tomorrow to get through now.
Sunday: Baptism (Christening Day) for master William. Yet another spectacular Spring day! My mum had to unpick the underarm seams of our family Christening gown so it would fit him, Will is the 20th baby to wear the gown (including myself) so it's kinda nice having those sort of little family traditions to make the day extra special. M.O.H is M.I.A again! The day started out a little wonky with Lil having a drop seizure in the bath, but this time she recovered quickly. Auntie Kristi arrives to pamper her nieces with hair do's. I continue to get them dressed and ready for church. We need to be there at 11 and I start telling the kids at 10.30 to get into the car. M.O.H returns. I don't quite understand why it takes soooo long for them to get in and we end up running late for our own baptism. Bugger I forgot to bring the camera in, lucky my friend Lisa is here! she has a camera and is happy snapping again today as she was yesterday for Emily's party. Ceremony all done after an hour and William was a perfect baby falling asleep during the service. Then off to lunch at Mill Rose Cafe's rose garden. Someone else is catering for me today and I am so very relieved to have such a lovely little setting to just finally relax and mingle with guests while someone else does all the catering. Thank you so much Sue and staff for the fabulous customer service, delicious food and idyllic setting in the lovely garden. Did I happen to mention they also have a lovely little quilters fabric shop attached to the cafe. Now all I have to do is catch up with Lisa to get copies of the photo's to share with you too. ONE CRAZY, BUSY WEEKEND ALL DONE

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So very excited, I have already created the templates for the cupcake tops and cut out 12 in ten minutes! Now that sure beats hand cutting! Sooooo many project possibilities now. Yee Haaah.

The Rest of the Photo's

Just another flooded paddock.
LalLal Falls

Lal Lal Falls not a trickle anymore!

A flooded paddock

Can't go around it

Have to go through it!

Bogged Down & Flooded!

Well hi there strangers! It has been a while but in the last few weeks the entire househould has managed to get the REALLY rotten flu going around. I really hate being sick cause everything just falls down around me at home and the day I got this flu was really Bad. I woke up knowing that I didn't feel quite right and strain after the school run went straight back to bed. I remember waking up briefly to get the kids picked up from school by thier Dad but pther than that the next thing I remember it was 5pm the lovely daycare lady was dropping the 2 littlest munchkins off and knocking on my bedroom door. Urrrgggg... I could hardly lift my head off the pillow, my nice warm fire had gone out and the lovely daycare lady tried to light it again but we were out of kindling and it's hard chopping soppy wet kindling with the blockbuster. I know there is dry precut fire wood in the shed but where is the key? I ring B and ask if he knows. Bonus 'yes' is the answer, bugger it's in his car... in Melbourne... and he's running late, really,really late and won't be home till at least 8pm. The fire goes out again and this time I stumble down the back steps and attempt to cut some myself, I discover that not only can I not focus on the block of wood in front of me but I can't even lift the block buster to cut it so I give in and go back inside. The littlest kiddies must know that I am feeling misserable because they are being remarkably good and little man has gone to sleep. Sorry miss E it's reheated left overs for you tonight.

The days all merge into one blury mess and by Saturday I drag myself out of bed to vote and go into to town to the Doctor. He gives me antibiotics and a strong codine based drug. Never taking that one again! seems I am allergic to yet another pain killer and we head off to hosptial. Monday or Tuesday rocks around and they let me come home. Now Mr B has "Man flu" !!! It's been a few weeks and I'm nearlly better now, thank goodness!

The rain starts... I know we need water and all but it's a bit rediculous. Do we have to have the year's worth this week? We decide it would be good for every one to go over to LalLal falls to see it flowing again, as it's been about 15 years since the water fall has anything flowing to write home about. The first pic is of the way we would have normally gone (1.4m), we discover that's not going to happen. We try the other way Nope not that way either. So our third route and we just decide to go through it. I was too scared to take a photo of that one I was too busy clinging to the car seat white knuckled. But it was worth it to see the water fall.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life - Full Circle in One Paddock

On our way home yesterday; with all the kids packed neatly in the car; we noticed a paddock of cows and what looked like brand new calves, merrily skipping and frolicking on the emerald green grass, Awww. So we stopped for a while to watch them play. They were an unknown breed of mostly brown adults and on the rise of the hill were 2 amazingly glowing white day old babies chasing each other around. The more we looked the more we noticed other events taking place in the paddock. Not far over to our left a mother gently licked a brand, brand new baby. So new that it was still wet from birth and hadn't even taken it's first steps. It so amazing to see this instinctive process take place, gently stimulating the new calf into life, ever so gently encouraging it to take its first steps on this blustery, icy day. We watched as it's ears twitched and legs shook. As Mummy cow looked up occasionally assessing us for the possibility of a threat to her new little one. Circling and nudging until finally one long skinny, bonny leg got a foot onto the ground, then a second and after a few funny face plants and attempts finally got to stand, so very uncoordinated. Stumbling, and tripping not quite able to stand up to powerful blast of the winter wind. Mum still very cautious of us checking often to see if we were still at a distance enough for her to be comfortably safe.
Our eyes caught more calves yet again playing, the older ones seemed to be congregating in a kind of calf nursery playing and messing about with all of their new found friends. The another cow started circling and bellowing, lay down, got up and continued to circle some more. It was as she was circling that this cow was in the process of birthing as we watched...
Another cow stood nearer to us and she looked to the ground also circling with only very occasional inspection of her newborn who lay on the ground. This girl behave very differently to the first we'd seen encouraging her baby to stand, this time there was no licking and nudging. Just an occasional inspection of her babe then of us all watching from the car. For half an hour or so we watched each scene. Then new calf taking it's first steps and falling all so often, the birthing cow circling then laying down, getting up and circling some more, and the reluctant nurturer who didn't quite seen to know what to do, or did she? After sometime she would wander from her baby and come back and she did this a few more times until she wandered off completely and we realised as she had done that, her new baby was not going to get up at all and it had died. Back with other cows across the paddock we saw and heard her give one last bellow, do cows experience grief? It certainly sounded that way. Our birthing cow was still going round and round up and down it was an amazing process to see. And our new walker slowly was gaining more steady feet and was now trying to suckle from its mother. All the time she kept moving around her baby so it could not quite get to her teat. It was really very fun to see this strange Mother and Baby Dance. Both of them trying to work out what to do, Me providing comic commentary to the dance and the new calf occasionally face planting on the ground as it took lunges trying to take hold of Mum, sometimes only getting her tail which didn't provide much sustenance at all.
We left the road by the paddock seeing life full circle pregnancy and birthing, new life taking first steps and sad death of another. Isn't mother nature beautiful. What an amazing afternoon.

The PINK Party Over & Done

Phew, It's been a kinda crazy busy around here the last few weeks with parties to be had, orders to fill, and a market to get ready for! As promised here are a few shots of The Pink Party. From the cute little pink milk bottles, Friends in full creative mode, big brothers doing silly funny stuff, the tiny little marshmallow tea cups, the whole party, the party girl and cake by candle light, the pink cupcakes all in a row, the balloon chandelier, friends with finished projects, and last but not least the birthday girl herself. My girl friend Lisa came along to help with the decorations and setting up and was an enormous help. Now all that needs to be done is...
1. Finish Will's Baptism invites, 2. Start Emily's birthday invites (both events happening on the same weekend! What was I thinking?) 3. Sew orders up and post out, 4. Sew market stock and accessories up, 5. Get some new designs and patterns started. 6. Catch up again on 365 project posts. And all in the next two and a half weeks. EEEEK

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look What's NEW...


A new little number to celebrate the launch of my "Made It" shop online. Hannah's Rose Garden Dress was made with a very special niece in mind.

Cup Cake Box Tutorial

Pretty CUP CAKE Box Tutorial.
I used a heavy weight scrapbook paper/ card stock
Scissors, Cutting Mat, Metal Ruler, Double Sided Tape, Grey Lead Pencil, Kindy Glitz

1.Depending on how big your bases are cut circles for lids(mine are about 11cm across) Fold/ score into quarters and cut one whole quarter out. But be sure to leave just enough edge on one side for the tape to stick on and neatly tuck under at the end.

2. Score evenly around your box dividing each quarter into 4 again. I used something small and round to trace around to mark out each scallop. Cut scallops out and fold on the score. If putting a hair bobble on the top for a cherry like mine punch a hole in the centre at this stage- makes it easy for the elastic to fit through.

3. Optional decorative finish- Dry brush edges and detail with kindy glitz, leave to dry.

4. Lay out your pre bought cup cake patty pan bases. ( I suppose you could make you own if you wanted) Fill with goodies.

5. Use Double sided tape to stick lids together so that they form a cone shape. Make sure you enclose the elastic at this stage leaving the hair bobble sticking out to look like a cherry. Join with a piece of sticky tape from base to lid. This acts as a hinge. FINISHED.


The prettiest PINK girls party EVER!!!!
Ahhh children's birthday parties. Gotta love em' can't wait to see what the party will look like all finished and decorated, there will be more photo's of that later. From the handmade paper flower pompoms to hand cut cupcake party favour boxes and the lil tiny pinkachino's complete with rainbow froth and it's own tiny little heart biscuit on the side. Not forgetting the fluttery butterfly cupcake toppers. TOOOO CUTE! can't wain to see the precious little faces once its all up. Damn you Donna Hay and Lisa Cressy for inspiring me. OK so Just the pink balloon chandelier and the birthday cake to go and I'll be all set for next Monday. I'm sooooo excited!

Monday, July 26, 2010

365 Project Update

I am grateful for...

11. The true work horse of my house for constantly churning out clean clothes without me having to do much at all.

12. Lilly's smile after she's had a really crappy week.

13. More precious moments with my camera in hand! (Picked a winner)
14. The NEW Donna Hay kids annual , so yummy.
15. The inspiration to hand make MORE party decorations from the DH mag
16. My first ever etsy sale packaged up ready to post into the world.
17. The beautiful clouds that look like they have been touched by angels. A bit corny I know, but they were just magnificently perfect, puffy, glowing clouds.
18. A FANTASTIC coffee. Makes it even more appreciated when someone else makes it for me! (Weak Late one sugar)
19. The ever bulging growing bellies of the exes on my way to town. I just love watching them grow fatter and the anticipation of whether I'll see the first lamb of the season each time I go past.
20. This lovely shop "The Upholstery Gallery" in Ballarat. I just adore the pretties and love spending time here. Has to be my favourite shop/ cafe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Scariest few hours of my life!

There we all were having what seemed like a relatively normal evening at home dinner, bath and bed. But this on this night some where between bath and bed it all went a bit skew if.
Not long after I'd put my two little ones in the bath it started not just the normal type that we usually expected every now and then but the BIG ONE happened. Epilepsy seems to be an unknown, with so many different types of seizures possible, we've experienced most of them and ticked the box for ALL of them Sunday night.
While we enjoyed our nice relaxing bath washing Lil's back for I felt her for a split second flop and completely relax, almost melt in my arms then just as quickly as she melted she began to violently throw her arms and legs around, eyes rolled back in her head and I'm thinking OK I've got her I can manage this. I call for help to get my 2 year old out of the bath before she was injured. It normally is less than a minute or so, but this time it was not it kept on relentlessly forcing my small child's body in to the sides of the bath arms and legs striking me and the bath as I struggled to keep her head above water, The bath was just NOT draining quick enough the face washer I'd just been using kept blocking the plug hole slowing the whole process. I called again for help this time with a more panicked voice. My 2 year old becoming more distressed me become more distressed, now I'd noticed Lil's face as white as white could be her eyes looked like she had 2 black eyes, her lips that horrible shade of purpley blue that 'd only seen on the dying. In that moment I didn't think we were going to be celebrating a 9Th birthday in a fortnight, in that moment I though I was saying goodbye. I called out again "GET AN AMBULANCE!" But then a gurgle and a gasp of air was sucked in and breathing began again a
little labored but it was happening. I felt myself heave a deep breath in too. The seizure 'softened' enough for me to lift her out of the bath, With her eyes still rolled back in her head Lilly was sort of responding to me following my instruction to take in long deep slow breaths, but her little body was still contorted in an awkward pose, rigidly shuddering but not as violent as what it had been. Then she passed out into a deep sleep. This little child of mine had just run the equivalent of 3 marathons in a small amount of time. She was exhausted, I was exhausted. The ambulance still on it's way. All this happening in a space of only 15 Min's the worst part in the bath took all of 3 minutes. It was the longest and scariest 3Min's of my life. And Lilly well she doesn't remember much except that she got to ride in an ambulance and she had a sleep over at the hospital. She was wanting to go to school on Tuesday even if she was too tired to last the whole day there. At. least she is well enough to want to go.

Monday, July 12, 2010

365 Project Update

Day 6. My teenager (Miss L) who helped without question or complaint all school holidays. I am sooo lucky.
Day 7. Those oh so "kissabubble" cute baby cheeks.
Day 8. The beautiful almost glowing green spring growth in lovely straight lines.
Day 9. The mysteriously amazing sights we see on an ordinary day.
Day 10. The georgeous sunshine on a winters day.