Monday, May 23, 2011

SOOOO much has been happening...

So here is a bit of what's been happening since I blogged last...
 1. Magnolia Square- the market to top all markets had Myrtle & Grace Present and accounted for. Phew, busy, crazy! www.magnoliasquare.com.au
2. Myrtle & Grace has signed on 2 retailers for a launch of Sping/Summer ranges La Toriana in Bendigo and MillieMollyMoo in Portland.

 3. Orders, orders, orders
4. Piccadilly market in Geelong attended- beautiful <3 <3 www.piccadillymarket.blogspot.com.au
5. Reuben the donkey class in Gisborne at The Drapers of MT Macedon Quilting Shop. With the talented Jodi Carelton from www.vintagericrac.blogspot.com as the instructor. What a hoot and a cute donkey to boot!

6. A Tutorial just for you... Some recycling LOVE to share.

 Upcycled Button Skirt

1. Find a garment you like to use... I've had this one sitting for a while in my box of things to do. When miss 3 pulled it out the other day and asked for a skirt made from it. O.K I said! This one is a woven, slightly stretchy cotton blend fabric.
2. Some measuring is required. What size would you like it to be? Well I need it to be a size 4 girls so I borrowed one of her other skirts and took a measurement of the finished length and the waistband.
The existing skirt measured 12inches so when I cut I added an extra 1.5 inches for the elastic casing at the top. (If you plan on folding some under for a hem you might need to add a bit more length for a hem)
Because this skirt is quite full you'll find you could get 2 skirts out of it. Proceed to unpick the Bias (in red) or the hem. And mark out you desired length with pins or tailors chalk. Hold your breath and CUT!
3. With right sides together sew the side seam back together. If you don't have an overlocker you want to zig zag stitch the edges first then straight stitch the entire length. Now you should have something that slightly resembles a  miniature version of what you started with. Off to the iron next...
4. Press about 1cm of the top edge down all the way round and then fold down again about another 1.25 inches. (I use 1 inch wide elastic for the waist band) Pin as you go to hold it all in place. I decided to add belt keeps and all i used was a co ordinating ribbon. They measured 3 inches long x qty 7. I find that one in the centre back, one on each hip, another measured toward the front about 12cm from each hip and again towards the back half way between the hip and centre back. Do not put one on the centre front- this is where you need to tie your bow up. Slide these belt keeps in at the mentioned distances about half an inch to make sure they catch as you sew the bottom edge in place -remember to leave a small gap for threading the elastic trough.

5. Back down to the hem. Re attach Bias or using existing crease line, re hem. Skirt. Nearlly done!
6. Cut your elastic to length. I needed my waist  to be 57 cm so I cut my elastic a bit longer to allow for the join. Thread elastic through and when it pops back out of the other end lay the elastic flat together with the other end and stitch together. The most secure way for me is to sew a box shape then a x in the middle of it.
7. Fold over you belt keeps to the front and stitch down right on the stitching line from the elastic casing. I added a button embellishment to each keep. Because Miss 3 LOVES buttons almost just as much as Mummy.
8. I have added a few more buttons to the centre of each flower to dress it up a little more.
9. A length of ribbon threaded through the keeps and you are done!
Miss 3 is going to love this when she gets home! So go on have a go make another one in a different size. Why not cut out one the left over flowers and add to a t-shirt to complete the outfit.