Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Oh So Quiet, Shhh

Poor little man was sooo very tired this afternoon that he couldn't even wait until I'd got him out of the high chair to fall asleep! What a horrible Mummy I am leaving him there covered in baby dinner. But, he looked so very peaceful and sound asleep that I didn't have the heart to move him. I just had to share this shot with you all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Promotional Competition

Myrtle & Grace

So here it is, the highly anticipated..."All Things Nice " Collection for the Sugar & Spice children's market. Want to know how you can win a FREE Myrtle & Grace Dress? The next BIG promotion is open! It's easy and fun, just design Myrtle & Grace's new (standard) postcard front! It can be any medium scrapped, digital, painted etc It must have...

1. A Myrtle & Grace Dress or Tshirt

2. Myrtle & Grace Name

3. PDF or Jpeg Files Accepted

POst your entries onto the our face book page facebook and OR email to groobiteam@optusnet.com.au by 12th Dec. The winner will be judged by our friends online. The one with the most individual "LIKES" will be our lucky winner of a dress of your choice, custom or stock in time for CHRISTMAS. 3 lucky runners up with receive a double ribbon hair flower. So what are you waiting for, get creating. I can't wait to see what you all come up with. xx Rachael

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Myrtle & Grace: 48 hours...

Myrtle & Grace: 48 hours...: "Ric rac"

48 hours...

IN just 48 hours I have...
Made three more Wallets. Scrapped with Celeste (the one on the right) Made a page at crop. and finally after 2 years of procrastinating, started making a Vinyl shopper bag. The story behind the bag is this... A few years ago I had the idea that I would have some of my fave pictures of Emily printed onto heavy duty sign writers vinyl/PVC and after a test run on my sewing machine went horribly wrong I put it away for a while, then it got moved, then found again! Yeay. Now all inspired again after making the small PVC and paper wallets I found at the Ric rac blog. AND investing in the crucial and life saving Teflon foot for my sewing machine, sewing this baby up was a dream! That is until the upholstery thread ran out and the nearest shop is 40km away! a great big BUGGER, I'll have to wait till I go back into town again to be able to finish it off, but you gotta admit that it's starting to look pretty awesome already! Can't wait to show you the other side and if all this works out and they prove to be easy enough to bind I might just offer custom order bags for sale with your very own pictures on them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run Run as Fast as You Can...

You can try and catch me, but I'm not the ginger bread man!
What a crazy few weeks it has been around here. I took the kids away for our very first ever, ever, ever family holiday (Trips interstate to visit family don't count) While I'm sure the kids has a ball hanging out at the beach building sand castles (whole they are still allowed) and generally not having to do anything or be anywhere. I AM EXHAUSTED! So much for a bit of R and R. Oh well, it was nice not having a timetable to run to though and the local Op Shops down at Rye were a haven for inspiration and fabrics, lucky all my kids love Op Shopping too.
Just after getting back Myrtle & Grace mode was switched back on and it's all go go go getting ready for the Sugar & Spice market in just under 2 weeks . The brand new "All things nice" collection is is full production and I Even stopped briefly to put together the first of a little boys T shirt range. Suggestions for any other image ideas to put on boys T's are very welcome.

I have been madly fine tuning the details of the NEXT BIG PROMOTION for M & G which will be announced a little closer to the Sugar & Spice market. In between all this I had smacked the top of my head on the VERY heavy back door of the bus. "Ouch" was just one of the many expletives I used, I'm sure most of you could imagine what the others were. For a few days I was a bit out of it doing some strange things that I would normally have blamed my "placenta brain" on IF I had been pregnant (no, I am NOT! just in case you were wondering) Those strange things included putting the mobile phone in the fridge and putting the house phone in my hand bang then spend the rest of the day looking for them because I can't remember where I put them. Anyhow, I must keep sewing away, I feel neglectful of my blog but new and developing products are taking up my time.
P.S The weather had turned a bitter cold kinda wet the other and while driving along in the car Miss E yells "Mummy I sawd some penguins! they are three brothers" Hmm I wonder what she was talking about I know it's cold but penguins? This far inland? I glanced in the rear veiw mirror to see... Three black and white Magpies hanging out on the side of the road. Right colour and qty just wrong breed.  Put a smile on my face, what a treasure.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mmmmm. . .

New In My Sewing Box...
An absolutely deliciously scrumptious assoertment of quilting fabrics to play with. "Mwahahahaha" I say as I rub my hands together with anticipation! It's going to be a long night of creativness.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I wish I had a Photo For...

The Sweetest Thing...
This weekend just past Master 10 Found some dragon fly wings out in the garden. He ever so carefully transported them inside gently cupping them in his hand so they would not blow away in the breeze, and rumaged through the draw with one hand looking for an envelope to put them in. I, of course, thought the worst and wondered if he was either hurt and looking for a band aide OR that he was up to mischeif OR both! "What are you doing?" I grumbled. "I'm looking for an envelope" was his reply. "What? why? You are supposed to be outside enjoying the sunshine"
"I found these" holding out his ouside hands there they were a delicate pair of dragonfly wings in his typical little boys hands. "I'm going to keep them for Sienna, and give them to her. I'm going to tell her they are fairy wings!" My heart just melted, Awwwww what a lovely idea. I felt really bad then for grumbling and getting anoyed. And Sienna well she still beleives in Fairies and thinks they are the most special present ever! My lovely little man, I hope he stays this thoughtful throughout his life.

The Fabric File

So here tis' One of the things I've decided to do since receiving feedback at the last market is to let you have a seek peek at the fabric (new and recycled) BEFORE i get to it with the scissors. So that if you like it you can let me know what size you would like it made up in. Pop on over to my Facebook Page "Myrtle & Grace" for the Entire Collection in the Fabric Photo Album

9 Sleeps Left!


Don't forget about the free ribbon Flower offer! Introduce 5 of your friends to the Myrtle & Grace Face Book page to get a freebie1! But don't forget to let me know who your friends are so I can keep a tally at this end once the have "Liked" us!

Well Hello There Stranger!

It's Been A Little While!

So where do I start? With the first ever market I guess. I really worked myself into a big bundle of stress and now that's it's all over and done I don't know what all the fuss was about. I can tell you that I had started biting my nails again, I have a alot more grey hair. I quickly came to senses again and while the nails will grow back the hair...Hmmm. Thank goodness for hairdressers. I was really happy with how the stand looked, and I have come home with even more ideas for tweaking it some more, main based on the feedback from shoppers on the day. So BRING ON SUGAR & SPICE! November 28th, St Pat's Hall Dawson Street, Ballarat.