Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gratitude and Appreciation

"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your wiliness to put it into words is all that is necessary" - Margaret Cousins

Flicking through old magazines last night I found an article that caught my eye, "365 reasons to be grateful" It struck me that in a modern fast paced world that gratitude and even appreciation is a fast dying act. It is I guess an art form in its self that many people don't want to or have the time to practice anymore. So begins my search... What is gratitude? What is appreciation? (according to my dictionary)

gratitude n. feeling of being thankful for a favour or gift.

appreciate v. 1. To be grateful for 2. Value highly 3. Be aware of and understand 4. Rise in value.

I begin thinking that maybe I should give this 365 day project mentioned in the article a go. Brisbane photographer Hailey Batholomew went about taking a photograph each day of something/ anything that she was grateful for. And maybe just like Hailey I will begin to see each day with brand new eyes. So on this day I am grateful for...

1. Old magazines with articles that inspire me.
(Hailey's blog can be found at http://www.youcantbeserious.com.au/blog/)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Not the Technique is the Colour of Your Ball!

What a funny night of bowling we had with miss 2 & 3/4 (Emily) almost beating all of us! Couldn't have been the ramp because miss 8 ( Caitlin) used that too.
Miss Caitlin was becoming increasingly upset with the idea that her little sister could possibly beat her. The more frames that were bowled the further apart the scores grew. Spare after spare and strike after strike Caitlin's displeasure grew to dispair and then disappearance from the lane all together

Do Something Creative Every Day!

After a full on week with Myrtle and Grace stuff I decided that some wind down relaxation was in order. Some special creative time for Mummy involved a trip to the Imagination Factory to complete a Bernie Dodd class which was thoroughly enjoyable. I love the page Bernie helped me create, so Emily right now with all the prettiness, frills and flowers attached. I really enjoy joining in a class to learn new techniques and styles and I couldn't have asked for a more talented teacher! Do something creative every day I say.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creative little Family

This is lovely little pumpkin Lauren made for a school project. When I said to her that she could make them to sell the only response I got back was a shrig of the shoulders and a funny noise that sort of sounded like a cross between Ughh and I dunno. Teenagers! Any how, this is now my pin cushion so his expression is very fitting.

The cutest little sample (and model)

A little bit vintage & a whole lot pretty! Dress available in sizes child's 1 to 8 OR ladies tops XXS to XL. Satin silk (100%) ivory trim, crushed cotton dress in the peachiest of pinks and hand dip dyed vintage style lace trim. Limited flowers available too. Contact me for prices as of date of post still working that part out.

What's in a name?

Let me catch you up on the happenings of the last couple of weeks...

2nd June 2010

I woke up this morning my mind and my heart a buzz with creativity and inspiration! Not just one one of those moments when an idea hits but, a whole being experience one that I have not had for years and I thought was lost forever. Everything I laid my eyes upon had inspiration oozing from it. It was like my creative infant within was born again and realised that everything; all ideas; were completely possible. I could hardly keep up with all of the ideas that seemed to almost be purged, there are so many ideas comping out it almost hurt, spewing from the prison that was called "victim of D.V". It had finally been set free again and it was getting the hell out of that dark place to live once more. This time is different, this time everything is sparklier, shinier, brighter and louder. I feel completely capable of the ideas that are born on this day and everyday after. Quick where is my book, yummy book of inspiration that has been lying in wait ever so patiently for this amazing day to record and create, to INSPIRE!
My own little fashion label that's what I'll do first! Names, names, names what do I name it?
the names of my grandmothers come to mind. Grace and Myrtle, Myrtle and Grace- perfect!
Sew some samples up... Create a Blog ( How on earth????)... Book some photo's with the ever so talented Celeste Vermeend so may sample look more professional... Organise some swing tags and garment labels. It's just go go go, So watch this space.

I have so looked forward to a morning like this and I feel worthy, ALIVE, successful and FREE once more.