Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Easy Christmas or Party Bunting


Ok this bunting is so very super quick and easy. You can used ANY Chritsmas gift wrap or as I've done these paper doilies. If using gift wrap just cut isosolies triangles to the size you require. I like them to be about 20cm long, to get it done even quicker layer the paper to cut multiples out at once. For the doilies cut the top few inches off to create a straight edge. I have used 2 different sized ones and alternated them along the ribbon. Any ribbon can be used and even the metallic curling ribbon runs through the machine fine. Leave yourself a tail of about 30 to 40cm for tying off. layer your doilies or paper under the edge of the ribbon as in the first picture and just straight stitch keeping the ribbon lined up with the edge of the paper. As i'd mentioned I've alternated different size doilies along the way leaving a gap of about 4 cm between each doilie. You don't even need to cut the thread just stitch along the ribbon for an extra 4cm then carefully feed the next doilie or bunting under the ribbon an keep going until you run out. Don't forget to leave a tail at the other end to tie up. It's really cheap to make and super easy to make.You can make this as long or as short as you like and can also be done in birthday wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper. Time this one took me 20 mins and cost-  ribbon $2.50, Doilies 2 packets $4.00 total $6.50 for a super effective decoration.
The last photo is my next little project. I've made heaps before and though for Christmas I 'd make a long string of small tissue paper pompon flowers. This is just the start so I'll pop on another picture once finished. Just as cost effective but a little more time consuming.

Our CHristmas theme this year is...

White & Wood (with a bit of silver for shimmer)

I don't know what it is about decorating the tree that I love so much. You'd think after being a VM for so many years that I'd be over decorating them but happily no. Months of deliberating and discussing with girlfriends what "theme" this year will be searching out those couple of extra special decorations to add in to the collection, I always hear grumblings at how my decoration collection is slowly growing. I don't know why he grumbles because I only have about 1500 items carefully boxed  up in colour order. You know one create for red ,one for yellow, one for green Etc and all the way through the colour spectrum. Doesn't everyone do that? It is in fact about the only thing in this house that is soooo freakishly organised.  I did have a BIG clear out years ago and believe it or not got rid of approximately 4 green garbage bags of baubles that I had used in my line of work. Now I only have to concentrate on my own home, ahhhh. I found some gorgeous little wooden birds at my fave coffee/ gift shop The Upholstery Gallery in Ballarat and decided on the theme, so here it is. I thought the little paper doilies bunting would make a cute addition to the wall (I'll pop on a quick and easy tutorial for how to construct your own doilies or Christmas paper bunting) and from the cover of the Christmas Country Style magazine I'd noticed on the tree they also have little tiny doilies hanging. I happened to have an abundance of these at the moment so I'll also add them on over the weekend. Enjoy the pics I hope you and your family have as much fun and receive as much joy decorating your family's tree as we do. we wish you a merry Christmas.
Warm Wishes, Rach