Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look What's NEW...


A new little number to celebrate the launch of my "Made It" shop online. Hannah's Rose Garden Dress was made with a very special niece in mind.

Cup Cake Box Tutorial

Pretty CUP CAKE Box Tutorial.
I used a heavy weight scrapbook paper/ card stock
Scissors, Cutting Mat, Metal Ruler, Double Sided Tape, Grey Lead Pencil, Kindy Glitz

1.Depending on how big your bases are cut circles for lids(mine are about 11cm across) Fold/ score into quarters and cut one whole quarter out. But be sure to leave just enough edge on one side for the tape to stick on and neatly tuck under at the end.

2. Score evenly around your box dividing each quarter into 4 again. I used something small and round to trace around to mark out each scallop. Cut scallops out and fold on the score. If putting a hair bobble on the top for a cherry like mine punch a hole in the centre at this stage- makes it easy for the elastic to fit through.

3. Optional decorative finish- Dry brush edges and detail with kindy glitz, leave to dry.

4. Lay out your pre bought cup cake patty pan bases. ( I suppose you could make you own if you wanted) Fill with goodies.

5. Use Double sided tape to stick lids together so that they form a cone shape. Make sure you enclose the elastic at this stage leaving the hair bobble sticking out to look like a cherry. Join with a piece of sticky tape from base to lid. This acts as a hinge. FINISHED.


The prettiest PINK girls party EVER!!!!
Ahhh children's birthday parties. Gotta love em' can't wait to see what the party will look like all finished and decorated, there will be more photo's of that later. From the handmade paper flower pompoms to hand cut cupcake party favour boxes and the lil tiny pinkachino's complete with rainbow froth and it's own tiny little heart biscuit on the side. Not forgetting the fluttery butterfly cupcake toppers. TOOOO CUTE! can't wain to see the precious little faces once its all up. Damn you Donna Hay and Lisa Cressy for inspiring me. OK so Just the pink balloon chandelier and the birthday cake to go and I'll be all set for next Monday. I'm sooooo excited!

Monday, July 26, 2010

365 Project Update

I am grateful for...

11. The true work horse of my house for constantly churning out clean clothes without me having to do much at all.

12. Lilly's smile after she's had a really crappy week.

13. More precious moments with my camera in hand! (Picked a winner)
14. The NEW Donna Hay kids annual , so yummy.
15. The inspiration to hand make MORE party decorations from the DH mag
16. My first ever etsy sale packaged up ready to post into the world.
17. The beautiful clouds that look like they have been touched by angels. A bit corny I know, but they were just magnificently perfect, puffy, glowing clouds.
18. A FANTASTIC coffee. Makes it even more appreciated when someone else makes it for me! (Weak Late one sugar)
19. The ever bulging growing bellies of the exes on my way to town. I just love watching them grow fatter and the anticipation of whether I'll see the first lamb of the season each time I go past.
20. This lovely shop "The Upholstery Gallery" in Ballarat. I just adore the pretties and love spending time here. Has to be my favourite shop/ cafe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Scariest few hours of my life!

There we all were having what seemed like a relatively normal evening at home dinner, bath and bed. But this on this night some where between bath and bed it all went a bit skew if.
Not long after I'd put my two little ones in the bath it started not just the normal type that we usually expected every now and then but the BIG ONE happened. Epilepsy seems to be an unknown, with so many different types of seizures possible, we've experienced most of them and ticked the box for ALL of them Sunday night.
While we enjoyed our nice relaxing bath washing Lil's back for I felt her for a split second flop and completely relax, almost melt in my arms then just as quickly as she melted she began to violently throw her arms and legs around, eyes rolled back in her head and I'm thinking OK I've got her I can manage this. I call for help to get my 2 year old out of the bath before she was injured. It normally is less than a minute or so, but this time it was not it kept on relentlessly forcing my small child's body in to the sides of the bath arms and legs striking me and the bath as I struggled to keep her head above water, The bath was just NOT draining quick enough the face washer I'd just been using kept blocking the plug hole slowing the whole process. I called again for help this time with a more panicked voice. My 2 year old becoming more distressed me become more distressed, now I'd noticed Lil's face as white as white could be her eyes looked like she had 2 black eyes, her lips that horrible shade of purpley blue that 'd only seen on the dying. In that moment I didn't think we were going to be celebrating a 9Th birthday in a fortnight, in that moment I though I was saying goodbye. I called out again "GET AN AMBULANCE!" But then a gurgle and a gasp of air was sucked in and breathing began again a
little labored but it was happening. I felt myself heave a deep breath in too. The seizure 'softened' enough for me to lift her out of the bath, With her eyes still rolled back in her head Lilly was sort of responding to me following my instruction to take in long deep slow breaths, but her little body was still contorted in an awkward pose, rigidly shuddering but not as violent as what it had been. Then she passed out into a deep sleep. This little child of mine had just run the equivalent of 3 marathons in a small amount of time. She was exhausted, I was exhausted. The ambulance still on it's way. All this happening in a space of only 15 Min's the worst part in the bath took all of 3 minutes. It was the longest and scariest 3Min's of my life. And Lilly well she doesn't remember much except that she got to ride in an ambulance and she had a sleep over at the hospital. She was wanting to go to school on Tuesday even if she was too tired to last the whole day there. At. least she is well enough to want to go.

Monday, July 12, 2010

365 Project Update

Day 6. My teenager (Miss L) who helped without question or complaint all school holidays. I am sooo lucky.
Day 7. Those oh so "kissabubble" cute baby cheeks.
Day 8. The beautiful almost glowing green spring growth in lovely straight lines.
Day 9. The mysteriously amazing sights we see on an ordinary day.
Day 10. The georgeous sunshine on a winters day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Must Remember!

It happened once before, a little while back and you'd think I'd learn by my mistakes BUT... Note to self AGAIN turn the back lights on well before I go out to chop wood, It's no good trying to do it in the dark because it really hurts when you takes a really big swing at a giant lump of wood and just as it hits you realise that the block buster is back to front and it sends shock waves right through your shoulders down to your toes!

Christmas (preps) in July

I know what your thinking (I think)! In anticipation for my Christmas stall I have started making little bits here and there. Stay posted for the finished product.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Etsy all Go Go GO

Yippee my Etsy shop finally has some things in it, now we wait. Here is a copy of the sizing chart for those who have enquired. My daughter and I also crated a beautiful bunting for my craft stall. Busy little house at the moment it looks like my fabric box has been breeding and exploded all over the place!

Sizing Chart
Baby and Girls Finished Length Approx
0 – 12 months 14.5”
12-24 months 16”
2T 18”
3T 20”
4T 22”
5T 23”
6 24”
7 25”
8 27”
Size Bust Hip Length
XXS up to 32” Up to 34” 22.5”
XS 32-33” 34-35” 23”
S 34-35” 36-37” 23.25”
M 36-37” 38-39” 24”
L 38-41” 40-43” 24.25”
XL 42-44” 44-47” 24.5”

Oh and I haven't forgotten my 365 project, my latest photo's will be up over the weekend

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Upcycled Sally Dress

Upcycled SALLY dress.

Available in VERY limited sizes until sold out!

100% Cotton dress (can be twist dried to crinkle fabric)

Sizes Available Two x Baby dress size 0-12months, One x Toddler dress size 1 - 2 (see photo), Girls Top size 3 - 4.
$35.00 inc. postage
This little dress is very versatile due to the way it fits and will literally fit your little girl for years to come by simply lengthening the shoulder straps. It looks very cute over the top of leggings, tights, jeans OR just by itself. It's perfect for spring and Summer.

The photo's!

Just a little bit pretty

Wow! just the begining of the range from Myrtle & Grace. The photo's are fabulous! Thank you so much to my very pregnant photographer Celeste from http://www.ourgirlyworld.blogspot.com/ and to her little model helpers. I just LOVE when and idea comes together.

Friday, July 2, 2010

365 Project Update

I am grateful for...

Day 2. The wood fire that keeps my family warm on a cold winter night.

Day 3. Precious moments (and sleep ins).

Day 4. That I can sew.

Day 5. The ever changing but spectacular view outside my window.