Friday, November 25, 2011

The Impromtu photo shoot

We decided it would be a great idea to take some more photo's of stock today. I tried out my new white background. Which now has a few new dints and creases in it thanks to the kids, but I guess that was bound to happen sooner or later. Slowly my photography skills are growing and I was really happy with how these ones turned out. Hope you like them too! All the details for these items can be found over on the Facebook page, just click on the little Facebook badge to the right ------over there---------> and it should take you straight there!

This little model kept running off

Then didn't like the idea of sister helping so the biting started Ouch!

And then HE decided he'd had enough of wearing a dress and had a tanty! LOL I bet you were thinking the little model was so pretty in the dress too?

This co operated for quite a while

I am proud of how this photo shoot turned out.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Sea Of Colour

On My Kitchen Table.
We have been very busy making sure our hair accessories are stocked up and ready to go for Magnolia Square at  Malvern town hall on December 1, 2, 3rd. New to the Myrtle & Collection are these beautiful soft chrysanthumums with volumes of fluttery petals. We just love the summer colours and they come reay to clip onto a head band or straight onto your hair! They remind me of the Pom poms we got from "Pom Pom Princess" for Emily's party
4.5 inch Chrysanthemums  AU $4.50each + P&H

Handmade 2.5 to 3 inch Ribbon flowers with an assortment of Vintage and found buttons in the centre. AU $4 each + P&H 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's beginning to look...

To Look Alot Like Christmas !
 We have been busy crafting in between markets and sewing up stock. Here is a little birdie we made after being inspired by the recent pattern in the Australian Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Might have to make a few more of these lovely little fellows for the Christmas Tree! He is sitting nestled in the cute little advent calendar I purchased from the Upholstery Gallery in Ballarat. Can you guess the theme for Christmas this year yet?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Rainy, Foggy Soggy, Sort of Day...

What does one do on these dull kinda days?

Bake and embellish cupcakes of course!

Miss Emily's VERY special cupcake she did all by herself.
We brightened the up our day with some cup cakes! Master William and Miss Emily helped me bake and embellish some cupcakes today. It was all to much for William who fell asleep while they were cooking. Emily coloured all of her own fondant and punched out the little shapes of flowers and butterflies then decorated her very own cupcake ALL OVER! sweet.
We heard a very strange noise in our garden while making cupcakes. It was a scarey loud grunting, grumbling, low growling  sort of noise. Not the sort of noise you like to hear in the bush, in the dark all alone. It was our resident male Koala on his rounds checking out all of the girls in the district. Miss Emily and I snuck out into the yard while William was still asleep to see if we could find him...
We went past the unemployed pegs...
Past the old truck which is in desperate need of a grease and oil change, lol!
 and there he was just hanging out in the top of a tree. If he hadn't of moved I would have missed him. They are so well camouflaged up there. But what a good looking fellow he is.
 Well this is what we did on our rainy, foggy, soggy sort of day. Hope you have all had a good one too! xxR

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Add a Little Bit of Vintage Love to Your Shoes! - A Tutorial

A Little bit of Vintage Love...

For Your Shoes!

I have heaps of left over lace bits of late that are not quite big enough for much at all really. So what to do with them all? When I saw a couple of little pairs of cheap ($2 a pair) canvas sand shoes recently I had a light bulb moment!....Bing....

So, I'll attempt to take you through a pictorial Tutorial so you can see my attempts at bringing an idea to life, some successful and some not so! This is how my light bulb moment came into being.
1. Take one pair of cheap canvas shoes. These ones were $2 on sale at Kmart

2. Grab your scrap pieces of lace . I also have used some scrapbooking card stock underneath the lace, you will see why in a minute.

3. Start spraying. I have used glimmer mist from tattered angels, but It would be a better idea to use fabric dye solution and put it into a little spray bottle. (or an empty glimmer mist bottle)

And some pink and any other colour you like. Then once you have coloured all of your lace you will have a lovely assortment of pretty coloured lace to use like this...

4. What I ended up with was a bit of a of a stencilled effect on the card stock to used for Christmas tags or a scrapbook page. Each lace cotton or nylon had a different affect. I thought I would try this on the canvas shoes! How amazing would that look! Well in my head it would look amazing anyway.

This was my favourite one!
5. So once again using the lace as a stencil I placed it on the shoe and spritzed away with the glimmer mist.

So far so good...
Away I went, spritzing some more. I had in mind that I would layer each of the laces making a different coloured layer each time. What I didn't do was let each layer dry before adding the next one. It would probably be a good idea to let it dry.  Woops!

The effect did not work out the way I thought it would.

As you can see it didn't really work out as well as the doily on the side. Oh well, into the washing machine for these little shoes and on to plan B!
PLAN B- I Still had all that pretty coloured lace, so I add some glue to the shoes. ( Glue that stick fabric and is a little bit flexible when set would work best- not the glue that I used!)
Stick on the lace then carefully trim the lace close to the top edge of the rubber
Adding the next layer...

And then the next. You might need to hold the lace in place until it sets so those little edges stay down! Overall I'm pretty happy with the end result but more importantly so is miss 4 yo! And what to do with the cut offs, well...
Make a Christmas tree of course! complete with a 'little bit of vintage" button at the top.  It is almost here you know! This lace Christmas tree idea can be used on cards, a scrapbook page or on a canvas why you could probably even glue it to card stock of the same shape to hang on your Christmas tree. Don't forget to make something  crafty with your negative prints that you created when spraying. Some ideas once again for that is Cards, wrapping paper, gift tags and scrapbook pages.  So there it is using scraps of scraps to create something a little bit vintage and a whole lots pretty. Would love to hear about what you come up with if you give this little project a go. xx R