Saturday, February 12, 2011


Some market goodies available at Sugar & Spice Children's market tomorrow.
Sunday 9am St Alupius Hall, Victoria st. Ballarat.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Fresh New Look!

Well I decided that I was time to give Myrtle and Grace a Face lift for 2011.
Just because I can't have one doesn't mean that Myrtle & Grace can't! I don't know that I'd even want one, Grace definitely wouldn't have she chooses to age ...well, gracefully. Myrtle Hmmmm, I reckon the old girl would have jumped at the chance! But that's all besides the point. Doesn't the new banner look FABULOUS! I have Shelly from Lemon Tree Studio on ETSY for that. Yummy banner love from me. I was so anxious that I popped it up on Made it, Etsy and the blog before the rest of the package is even finished. I can't wait to see the rest of the goodies she is designing for me. Market season is certainly back in full swing here with the Sugar and Spice children's being my first for the season this coming weekend the 13th at Saint Alipius Hall, Victoria St Ballarat. Everybody Cross your fingers for me and hope that I can pull of getting ALL of the new branding launched by then! I have also applied for the Sweet Fairy Floss Markets in Geelong and Williamstown and I'd thought I'd Apply to go play in the BIG kids playground in at Mathilda's Market in Melb. Going to Melb for markets is a whole new ball game but I'm hoping that its going to pay off. So keep an eye out for any upcoming market dates and if you can come by and say hi! So bye from me just for now. I've got to have an ADHD week... finishing orders, new stock and accesories for markets, currently no man about the house to help out (that is except for the oddly short vagrant that is spooking the neighbourhood) AND no car. Yes, as my sister pointed out I would have to be the only person in living history that managed to roll a car while stationary! I just simply parket way too close to a soft road side it gave way and well... I found my self feeling like I was inside a washing machine! Nope mr plod no seat belt at the time, but to my defence I was getting out. NO mr plod I promise I had nothing to drink (really I didn't) By the way the blood alcohol test I had to have prooved that. Just Bad and I mean really really super bad; like higher odds than being hit by lighting chances; timing. I'm OK considering the ordeal. The car well thats another story.