Tuesday, March 15, 2011



We were lucky enough to get to try out some delicious new completely organic yoghurt yesterday in our house. Miss 3 and Master 1 have given it the yummo tick too.
I must confess I was really intrigued by it's name "Five:am" it didn't make sense to me. Sooo...I popped over to their web site which happens to be really easy to navigate and... I love the philosophy of this new company and product! The name all makes sense now and I LIKE IT. Now how does one crafty, creative Mama carry the sustainability idea forward and re use these little containers? Hmmm stay posted on that one. In the mean time check out their web site. xx R

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Boy


:( My littlest man turned one last weekend and It was mixed emotional sort of day for me. I was a little bit sad because this is my last little baby's First birthday and happy to see the joy on his face when everybody was making a fuss over him. Compared to the last few birthday parties we've had out here it was quite an understated affair with cupcakes for afternoon tea on the lawn. With just all the kids and a friend of mine who dropped by with her 2 kids and hubby. The sun was shinning and it was nice to just sit and enjoy watching the kids run around having fun. We only once managed to round them up in one place all together at one time and that was when the cake was lit, of course! Will didn't quite manage to blow his candle out but he did enjoy eating his cake.
The Patty Pan and Animals (animal parade kit) and coloured twine available from "CAKE" Main Rd, Ballarat. We made the cute little bunting from the co ordinated left over packaging and a bit of scrap scrapbook paper and a few wooden skewers.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something to "Dye" For.

Yes I'm playing with the Rit Dye once again!

Just experimenting with some new colours, playing with the dye is so much fun. Remembering what went into each and every formula? Hmmmm a little more challenging. But they looked so pretty hanging outside illuminated by the morning sunlight. All this and it's only 9.30! It's a productive kind of day, gotta love that.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Crazy Busy Days!
But it's all very exciting. Have you checked out the new Tiny & Little magazine? (www.tinyandlittle.com.au/magazine/) Myrtle & Grace were so very thrilled to be invited to share a couple of dress' with you in the autumn feature. And what a feature it turned out to be!!!! We ended up on eight, yes 8
 pages. Words cannot express how grateful Myrtle & Grace for this. Lots of happy dancing had- mostly on the Wiggles wiggly dance mat with the youngest two kiddies, what fun that was. This is how it all happened...
Sunday last at the Fairy Floss Market in the gorgeous St Kilda town hall Ms. Tiny & Little editor chats to Rachael and tells her all about the new magazine and the Autumn feature. "Absolutely, YES!" was my answer when asked if I'd like to send in a photo for the new mag. How exciting, what fun, yippee were all the things going through my mind for the rest of the market. 10 days to magazine launch.
On the way home I called my friend Celeste who is my photographer for times like these. (You can check out her lovely work on her blog at http://www.ourgirlyworld.blogspot.com/) A day is set the very next Tuesday evening in the low sunlight. What a sight it was my 6, Celeste's 5 all trailing in a big line across the road holding hands to the park. Me with the beautiful old Tapestry chair (on loan from Cindy) on my head all the way. It must have looked hilarious to any passers by. The little models were so well behaved except for this one time when miss Emily (mine) decided she had done enough.
Celeste works her magic and takes care of the editing of the photo's and by Thursday her work is done! I don't know how many times I oooohhhhed and aahhhed and sighed out loud while viewing the finished product. So many gorgeous photo's I don't know which ones to send so after chatting with Tiny & Little decided that she can decide and I send them all! 5 days to magazine launch.
I get an email the next day from Tiny & Little telling me that she LOVES them all and is going to do a special feature. 4 days to magazine launch. I spend the weekend bursting at the seams waiting and counting down the days waiting to see our photo's. At least I have the Geelong Fairy Floss market to distract me for at least one of those days. Tuesday day of the launch and I have to be in the car all day I sooo can't wait to see the magazine and get home to some beautiful comments on the Myrtle & Grace Face book page. I STILL haven't seen it and after a bit of fluffing around getting the Internet opened and running properly.....
*****Ohhhhh , Ahhhhhh********* I am blown away! The whole magazine looks just beautiful. and there we are Little ole Myrtle & Grace splashed over the pages. Someone pinch me please. It is amazing and I don not have the words right now to describe my gratitude and apprectation for the opportunity to appear in such a lovely online publication and for my photographer for making herself and her children available for a photo shoot with little notice. I'll finish off with a little sneek peek. xxRach
P.S just in case you hadn't heard Myrtle & Grace has been accepted into the April's  Magnolia Square Malvern town hall 28, 29 30th, so much excitement for one week. This is a massive coup for Myrtle & Grace, now the real hard work begins preparing for a 3 day long event.