Monday, October 18, 2010

Summer Bliss

Summer Bliss.
While the weather has decided that we all needed a little reminder of Winter snow and all. I've been busy getting the Summer Bliss collection ready for it's official launch at the Buninyong Maker market next Saturday. I have decided to share with you a couple of the newest to the Myrtle & Grace family.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Awwww Special Moments.


Such Very Special Moments to share with you.

1. Emily ask's me "when is Will going to turn into a girl?"

I try to explain to my 3 yo that Will is a boy just like her big brother and Daddy, and that he is not going to be a girl.

2. While Emily is having a really good go at feeding her little brother she informs me that "Wheel (Will) is full". I ask "how can you tell that Will is full?" Emily explains that his eyes are big and they are going to pop!

3. After a very trying night of littlies waking, crying and ending up in a bed other than mine with Will and Emily. I sneek out while the littlies are still sleep and pop back to check on them to find them both with their arms outstretched holding hands while still asleep. AWWWWW!

Will's Christening

Will in the family Christening Gown. He is number 20 to wear it! He looks lovely in a frock.
I love these photo's of Will with his mate Hudson, sharing secrets and making Hudson upset by taking his dummy. Will with some of my family Grandma (My mum) and Nannie Turner (My maternal Grandma). Then Mummy and Daddy cutting the christening cake, Mummy even has spinach baby food all the way down her top!

Will has so exhausted by all the hoopla that he decided that it would be a good idea to have a nap half way through the service.

More of the service.
The weather was perefect for Will's Christening day and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing this special day with family and friends.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Maisie Flower goes Minty

Special Colours to coordinate- Maisie Flower goes minty with choc top lace. mmmm

Freebies Time!

Want a FREE ribbon flower?
All you have to do is introduce 5 of your friends to Myrtle & Grace's Facebook page (so that they follow 'LIKE' it too- they must appear on the like list at this end) Email me to let me know what the names are that you have invited and when they have all "LIKE" Myrtle & Grace you ribbon flowe...r will be on it's way. You choose the sunshine/ maize or apple/ fuschia colour and what back you'd like- snap or alligator clip. Once your 5 friends from the original email list "LIKE" us email me with your postal address and colour/ clip preference. Freebies offer starts today and finishes on the 10th November 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010


A Sneek peek at my two newest "Icecream Sundae" Flavours Mango Sorbet and Boysenberry Ripple. Sizes are yet to be decided so jump in quick to have your sizes made up.
Miss Lauren's Tomato pin cushions all ready for the market.

Yummy Fresh pairs picked only yesterday.

Just a few little hair accessories on their way to the markets, Etsy and Made It.