Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Awwww Special Moments.


Such Very Special Moments to share with you.

1. Emily ask's me "when is Will going to turn into a girl?"

I try to explain to my 3 yo that Will is a boy just like her big brother and Daddy, and that he is not going to be a girl.

2. While Emily is having a really good go at feeding her little brother she informs me that "Wheel (Will) is full". I ask "how can you tell that Will is full?" Emily explains that his eyes are big and they are going to pop!

3. After a very trying night of littlies waking, crying and ending up in a bed other than mine with Will and Emily. I sneek out while the littlies are still sleep and pop back to check on them to find them both with their arms outstretched holding hands while still asleep. AWWWWW!


Miss Sew & So said...

so very gorgeous...& soo very funny...emily sounds adorable...

have found you via *planet baby*...i have 3 kiddos and the youngest is now 5, so i love to hear these little words of wisdom from a lovely 3 year old who doesn't yet think her teacher can be "more right" than her mummy!


melissa x

Lizeylou said...

I have stumbled across your blog and think this photo is gorgeous. A special moment indeed!!

Rachael said...

Thanks so much girls, sometimes the not so perfect photo's are the best ones.