Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Boy


:( My littlest man turned one last weekend and It was mixed emotional sort of day for me. I was a little bit sad because this is my last little baby's First birthday and happy to see the joy on his face when everybody was making a fuss over him. Compared to the last few birthday parties we've had out here it was quite an understated affair with cupcakes for afternoon tea on the lawn. With just all the kids and a friend of mine who dropped by with her 2 kids and hubby. The sun was shinning and it was nice to just sit and enjoy watching the kids run around having fun. We only once managed to round them up in one place all together at one time and that was when the cake was lit, of course! Will didn't quite manage to blow his candle out but he did enjoy eating his cake.
The Patty Pan and Animals (animal parade kit) and coloured twine available from "CAKE" Main Rd, Ballarat. We made the cute little bunting from the co ordinated left over packaging and a bit of scrap scrapbook paper and a few wooden skewers.


JB said...

Happy Birthday no. 1

Rachael said...

Thanks JB xx R

Jen said...

So clever :-)