Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Rainy, Foggy Soggy, Sort of Day...

What does one do on these dull kinda days?

Bake and embellish cupcakes of course!

Miss Emily's VERY special cupcake she did all by herself.
We brightened the up our day with some cup cakes! Master William and Miss Emily helped me bake and embellish some cupcakes today. It was all to much for William who fell asleep while they were cooking. Emily coloured all of her own fondant and punched out the little shapes of flowers and butterflies then decorated her very own cupcake ALL OVER! sweet.
We heard a very strange noise in our garden while making cupcakes. It was a scarey loud grunting, grumbling, low growling  sort of noise. Not the sort of noise you like to hear in the bush, in the dark all alone. It was our resident male Koala on his rounds checking out all of the girls in the district. Miss Emily and I snuck out into the yard while William was still asleep to see if we could find him...
We went past the unemployed pegs...
Past the old truck which is in desperate need of a grease and oil change, lol!
 and there he was just hanging out in the top of a tree. If he hadn't of moved I would have missed him. They are so well camouflaged up there. But what a good looking fellow he is.
 Well this is what we did on our rainy, foggy, soggy sort of day. Hope you have all had a good one too! xxR

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Celeste Vermeend said...

unemployed pegs - I love it!