Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Scariest few hours of my life!

There we all were having what seemed like a relatively normal evening at home dinner, bath and bed. But this on this night some where between bath and bed it all went a bit skew if.
Not long after I'd put my two little ones in the bath it started not just the normal type that we usually expected every now and then but the BIG ONE happened. Epilepsy seems to be an unknown, with so many different types of seizures possible, we've experienced most of them and ticked the box for ALL of them Sunday night.
While we enjoyed our nice relaxing bath washing Lil's back for I felt her for a split second flop and completely relax, almost melt in my arms then just as quickly as she melted she began to violently throw her arms and legs around, eyes rolled back in her head and I'm thinking OK I've got her I can manage this. I call for help to get my 2 year old out of the bath before she was injured. It normally is less than a minute or so, but this time it was not it kept on relentlessly forcing my small child's body in to the sides of the bath arms and legs striking me and the bath as I struggled to keep her head above water, The bath was just NOT draining quick enough the face washer I'd just been using kept blocking the plug hole slowing the whole process. I called again for help this time with a more panicked voice. My 2 year old becoming more distressed me become more distressed, now I'd noticed Lil's face as white as white could be her eyes looked like she had 2 black eyes, her lips that horrible shade of purpley blue that 'd only seen on the dying. In that moment I didn't think we were going to be celebrating a 9Th birthday in a fortnight, in that moment I though I was saying goodbye. I called out again "GET AN AMBULANCE!" But then a gurgle and a gasp of air was sucked in and breathing began again a
little labored but it was happening. I felt myself heave a deep breath in too. The seizure 'softened' enough for me to lift her out of the bath, With her eyes still rolled back in her head Lilly was sort of responding to me following my instruction to take in long deep slow breaths, but her little body was still contorted in an awkward pose, rigidly shuddering but not as violent as what it had been. Then she passed out into a deep sleep. This little child of mine had just run the equivalent of 3 marathons in a small amount of time. She was exhausted, I was exhausted. The ambulance still on it's way. All this happening in a space of only 15 Min's the worst part in the bath took all of 3 minutes. It was the longest and scariest 3Min's of my life. And Lilly well she doesn't remember much except that she got to ride in an ambulance and she had a sleep over at the hospital. She was wanting to go to school on Tuesday even if she was too tired to last the whole day there. At. least she is well enough to want to go.

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ShoppeGirls said...

Oh My Goodness. How so very scary for you. I felt your fear and concern for your child. Epilepsy is in our family too, though touch wood my hubby and step daughter do not have the seizures any more, but I am still worried that it may happen to my daughters one day. My oldest had a febrile convulsion when she was 2 and that was one of the scariest days for me . Thank goodness I had family around at the time.

I hope all is ok and your gorgeous children are well.