Monday, July 26, 2010

365 Project Update

I am grateful for...

11. The true work horse of my house for constantly churning out clean clothes without me having to do much at all.

12. Lilly's smile after she's had a really crappy week.

13. More precious moments with my camera in hand! (Picked a winner)
14. The NEW Donna Hay kids annual , so yummy.
15. The inspiration to hand make MORE party decorations from the DH mag
16. My first ever etsy sale packaged up ready to post into the world.
17. The beautiful clouds that look like they have been touched by angels. A bit corny I know, but they were just magnificently perfect, puffy, glowing clouds.
18. A FANTASTIC coffee. Makes it even more appreciated when someone else makes it for me! (Weak Late one sugar)
19. The ever bulging growing bellies of the exes on my way to town. I just love watching them grow fatter and the anticipation of whether I'll see the first lamb of the season each time I go past.
20. This lovely shop "The Upholstery Gallery" in Ballarat. I just adore the pretties and love spending time here. Has to be my favourite shop/ cafe.

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