Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run Run as Fast as You Can...

You can try and catch me, but I'm not the ginger bread man!
What a crazy few weeks it has been around here. I took the kids away for our very first ever, ever, ever family holiday (Trips interstate to visit family don't count) While I'm sure the kids has a ball hanging out at the beach building sand castles (whole they are still allowed) and generally not having to do anything or be anywhere. I AM EXHAUSTED! So much for a bit of R and R. Oh well, it was nice not having a timetable to run to though and the local Op Shops down at Rye were a haven for inspiration and fabrics, lucky all my kids love Op Shopping too.
Just after getting back Myrtle & Grace mode was switched back on and it's all go go go getting ready for the Sugar & Spice market in just under 2 weeks . The brand new "All things nice" collection is is full production and I Even stopped briefly to put together the first of a little boys T shirt range. Suggestions for any other image ideas to put on boys T's are very welcome.

I have been madly fine tuning the details of the NEXT BIG PROMOTION for M & G which will be announced a little closer to the Sugar & Spice market. In between all this I had smacked the top of my head on the VERY heavy back door of the bus. "Ouch" was just one of the many expletives I used, I'm sure most of you could imagine what the others were. For a few days I was a bit out of it doing some strange things that I would normally have blamed my "placenta brain" on IF I had been pregnant (no, I am NOT! just in case you were wondering) Those strange things included putting the mobile phone in the fridge and putting the house phone in my hand bang then spend the rest of the day looking for them because I can't remember where I put them. Anyhow, I must keep sewing away, I feel neglectful of my blog but new and developing products are taking up my time.
P.S The weather had turned a bitter cold kinda wet the other and while driving along in the car Miss E yells "Mummy I sawd some penguins! they are three brothers" Hmm I wonder what she was talking about I know it's cold but penguins? This far inland? I glanced in the rear veiw mirror to see... Three black and white Magpies hanging out on the side of the road. Right colour and qty just wrong breed.  Put a smile on my face, what a treasure.

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