Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday, Baptism & Bodies Everywhere!

Friday: Cook and prepare Party food, Pick up balloons, Do groceries for weekend's events, Appointment, Get drying done while in town, Ironing, Let chicken's out, Get to crop night for R and R.
Saturday: Man of the house M.I.A...Grrrrr. Hike to neighbours house get lawn mower and mow the party area, have small melt down (soooo much yet to do), Move 16' trampoline back to it's intended home after being blown away in wind. Keep cooking decorations and plating up party food, Yeay interstate visitors start arriving all 3 car loads- start allocating jobs!, Party tent up continue decorating, race back up stairs check on progress of food preps, have it all ready by 2pm, feeling queasy oh that's right better get some food into me! M.O.H no longer M.I.A Hmmm back just as everything is finished and ready. I'd spent my breakfast time mowing and last night dinner time at crop- no wonder I feel yuck. LUNCH, then PARTY!! Why is every one so fixated with the TV? was there something important happening today? ;)
I just couldn't resist doing another PINK party for Miss E's 3rd birthday. This time we had a "Ballalina" theme as Emily would call it. And some hot pink infused into the all ready created decorations (Made allot of sense to reuse them). The weather turned out to be quite spectacular so I was counting my blessings there. We reused the little milk bottles and had Ballet shoe straws. The party bags are little noodle boxes each with individual hair ribbon to tie it off and glittery initial tag for each guest. The party table looked beautiful with all pink bowls, doilies, food and spring flowers to finish it all off. I found the cutest little pink dessert bowls while shopping and we used those to make pink pudding with strawberry jelly fresh strawberries on the top. Miss Emily has been excited all month telling me it was soon her birthday and when the table was set up awaiting guests she could hardly be contained. We unfortunately lost a few helium balloons as the breeze picked up but it didn't spoil the day at all. The kids though it was exciting to watch them fly off into the sky and they had competitions to see how long they could see it for until it became lost in the clouds. Every one had a ball especially the birthday girl. I think the look on her face says it all. My visitors decide they want to stay here for dinner instead of going out to the local pub for dinner so after cleaning up the party I guess it's dinner for 14 as well! Bugger. One day down and I'm exhausted just tomorrow to get through now.
Sunday: Baptism (Christening Day) for master William. Yet another spectacular Spring day! My mum had to unpick the underarm seams of our family Christening gown so it would fit him, Will is the 20th baby to wear the gown (including myself) so it's kinda nice having those sort of little family traditions to make the day extra special. M.O.H is M.I.A again! The day started out a little wonky with Lil having a drop seizure in the bath, but this time she recovered quickly. Auntie Kristi arrives to pamper her nieces with hair do's. I continue to get them dressed and ready for church. We need to be there at 11 and I start telling the kids at 10.30 to get into the car. M.O.H returns. I don't quite understand why it takes soooo long for them to get in and we end up running late for our own baptism. Bugger I forgot to bring the camera in, lucky my friend Lisa is here! she has a camera and is happy snapping again today as she was yesterday for Emily's party. Ceremony all done after an hour and William was a perfect baby falling asleep during the service. Then off to lunch at Mill Rose Cafe's rose garden. Someone else is catering for me today and I am so very relieved to have such a lovely little setting to just finally relax and mingle with guests while someone else does all the catering. Thank you so much Sue and staff for the fabulous customer service, delicious food and idyllic setting in the lovely garden. Did I happen to mention they also have a lovely little quilters fabric shop attached to the cafe. Now all I have to do is catch up with Lisa to get copies of the photo's to share with you too. ONE CRAZY, BUSY WEEKEND ALL DONE

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