Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bogged Down & Flooded!

Well hi there strangers! It has been a while but in the last few weeks the entire househould has managed to get the REALLY rotten flu going around. I really hate being sick cause everything just falls down around me at home and the day I got this flu was really Bad. I woke up knowing that I didn't feel quite right and strain after the school run went straight back to bed. I remember waking up briefly to get the kids picked up from school by thier Dad but pther than that the next thing I remember it was 5pm the lovely daycare lady was dropping the 2 littlest munchkins off and knocking on my bedroom door. Urrrgggg... I could hardly lift my head off the pillow, my nice warm fire had gone out and the lovely daycare lady tried to light it again but we were out of kindling and it's hard chopping soppy wet kindling with the blockbuster. I know there is dry precut fire wood in the shed but where is the key? I ring B and ask if he knows. Bonus 'yes' is the answer, bugger it's in his car... in Melbourne... and he's running late, really,really late and won't be home till at least 8pm. The fire goes out again and this time I stumble down the back steps and attempt to cut some myself, I discover that not only can I not focus on the block of wood in front of me but I can't even lift the block buster to cut it so I give in and go back inside. The littlest kiddies must know that I am feeling misserable because they are being remarkably good and little man has gone to sleep. Sorry miss E it's reheated left overs for you tonight.

The days all merge into one blury mess and by Saturday I drag myself out of bed to vote and go into to town to the Doctor. He gives me antibiotics and a strong codine based drug. Never taking that one again! seems I am allergic to yet another pain killer and we head off to hosptial. Monday or Tuesday rocks around and they let me come home. Now Mr B has "Man flu" !!! It's been a few weeks and I'm nearlly better now, thank goodness!

The rain starts... I know we need water and all but it's a bit rediculous. Do we have to have the year's worth this week? We decide it would be good for every one to go over to LalLal falls to see it flowing again, as it's been about 15 years since the water fall has anything flowing to write home about. The first pic is of the way we would have normally gone (1.4m), we discover that's not going to happen. We try the other way Nope not that way either. So our third route and we just decide to go through it. I was too scared to take a photo of that one I was too busy clinging to the car seat white knuckled. But it was worth it to see the water fall.

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