Sunday, August 15, 2010

The PINK Party Over & Done

Phew, It's been a kinda crazy busy around here the last few weeks with parties to be had, orders to fill, and a market to get ready for! As promised here are a few shots of The Pink Party. From the cute little pink milk bottles, Friends in full creative mode, big brothers doing silly funny stuff, the tiny little marshmallow tea cups, the whole party, the party girl and cake by candle light, the pink cupcakes all in a row, the balloon chandelier, friends with finished projects, and last but not least the birthday girl herself. My girl friend Lisa came along to help with the decorations and setting up and was an enormous help. Now all that needs to be done is...
1. Finish Will's Baptism invites, 2. Start Emily's birthday invites (both events happening on the same weekend! What was I thinking?) 3. Sew orders up and post out, 4. Sew market stock and accessories up, 5. Get some new designs and patterns started. 6. Catch up again on 365 project posts. And all in the next two and a half weeks. EEEEK

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The Clip Cafe said...

What a great day it looked like - i had a chuckle at the teeth!!! :-)