Friday, October 7, 2011

Dying to share with you...

We are now at the end of our school holidays here and boy am I going to miss not having to rush around in the morning and be out the door by 8am. I needed to have a break from the sewing so Miss 15 and I decided to have a play with the dye I have had sitting in he cupboard. I overcame the chance of a major dye disaster and bit the bullet! Methodically and carefully we dug out every single large coffee jar we had laying around the house, measured out exactly 1 litre and 1 Tbs salt in each and every single one of them.
We also thought that it would be a great idea to have a few samples of every colour in varying intensity...so over the next 4 hours this id the beautiful rainbow of sample colours we have created along with a few custom mixes, with each and every formula being recorded with a hope that we might be able to recreate it for a future Myrtle & Grace collection... I did say I HOPE!
I use syringes to measure out the dye to the exact millilitre just because the dye looked amazing in them all grouped together I though I wold take a photo of that too!

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