Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sew Selfish? A new project just for me.

Is it possible? Oh yes it is!
Definition: To sew exclusively for ones own indulgent pleasure when there are so many other tasks to be done.
This is where I introduce my new personal project. You'll need to use your imagination a lttle bit for the start of this introduction, It's BIG! well it's big for me anyway. So with out further due, imaginations in the ON position please, and cue music...

SPACE ODYSSEY THEME begins to roll in building up the atmosphere...

Bom BOM bom BOM bom BOM etc, etc....

I have started a quilt! yes ME!!!! BAM BAAAAAAA....... Music continues

It may seem a little strange that in all these years that I have been sewing I have never, and I mean NEVER attempted a quilt.


Crazy right? all that sewing of pretty little dresses and I break out in a cold sweat at the thought of the task of putting a quilt together. It's all those little pieces, the absolute accuracy of cutting perfectly straight and even lines the  1/4 inch seams, and the time it takes- OH my the hours and days and months and even sometime years ( I hear the ladies chatting at the quilting store of the many months and years they can put into one quilt I imagine my self rocking quietly in the corner dribbling slightly with a half done quilt at my feet after a week!)  I mean it does my head in. So what on earth was I thinking? I don' know to be honest, maybe it was the cute little picture on the pattern packet maybe it was the embroidered little red riding hood on the lovey linen pillow on the top of the quilt in the photo. The pattern "Poppet" by the lady from http://www.averyfinehouse09.blogspot.com/ (sorry can't remember her name right now) And so it begins one fine Thursday morning during my local shops regular sit and sew with my faithful sewing girlfriend at my side...

And oh no, I don't just want to make the pattern exact, pfft no way! I want a BIG one for my daughters bed a 210 x210cm. Ooh another great idea to use the vintage sheets and other collected scraps 38 different colours in all. At no point at all did my little inner voice of common sense scream out "NOOOOOOO"
I hadn't really used a rotary cutter before or a one of those big see through ruler thingies (which I happen to now own-  they are unreal to use) Cutting out hundreds of tiny squares and rectangles, cutting and cutting and more cutting stop briefly to count 60, 70, 90... ARE WE THERE YET? I'm over this cutting already only 300 and something to go- UGGGHHH!

So after 2 days of working away at cutting out and piecing a 'random' pattern together  I have learned that there is no such thing as 'random' in quilting. To make it look really random and spaced out you really have to deliberately place pieces in a certain order. So here it is so far...

8 rows of 17 laid out ready for pinning.

and the first two rows sewn together.

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Piccadilly Market said...

I too have sewed for ever and only attempted quilts last year. I am wanting to do one just for me but can never find the time. Yours looks fabulous, I look forward to seeing the finished product.