Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Party Peek In

Just A Little Sneeky Peek !

Though I'd let you have a look at a quick snap shot of the party almost set up. It just had all the consumables to finish setting up. Sorry about the quality of the picture as it was snapped on the iphone in a hurry. I am so looking forward to viewing the edited snaps that Celeste Vermeend (from www.ourgirlyworld.blogspot.com ) took for me then I'm sure you will really have something to drool over! The start to the day while setting up was extremely windy and blustery and chilly but, all in all the afternoon could not have been more perfect weather wise with sunny 18 deg celsius. I know the girls little and grown up had a ball!


Unknown said...

Looks gorgeous! More photos please!!

--- said...

Yhank you,
There will be more, just in the process of editing them all so stay tuned! xR

precious pie cookies said...

Dying to see the pics! Looks like it was absolutely stunning!