Sunday, April 24, 2011

School Holiday Stuff to do Part 3

More ideas BANGLES...
...to fills the school holiday days and entertain the little and not so little ones.The girls aged 3 to 15 enjoyed this activity. It's super cheap and relatively easy to do.
This idea has been used in many different ways in our house. A couple of years back we made some bangles for school fair they were cheap easy. While wandering through the "cheapo shop" I found some  plastic tubing (about 15m in fact for only $6.50) this one is bigger than the one we used last so we could put more interesting things in it.
You need plastic tubing- available from fabric or hardware stores
 Cut to desired length add about 1cm extra(- you stuff one end into the other).
 Fill with anything your heart desires- this time around we have used Easter egg foil rolled up into balls, glitter, tiny stars, scrap ribbon. Other things you could use are beads, seeds, coloured pencil shavings, your imagination is your only limit here.
 We used the blunt end of a skewer to stuff our foil beads in. Even miss 3 managed to create her own bangle.
It gets a bit tricky here so adult help may be required. Leaving about 1.5cm spare at each end pinch in end like so and stuff it firmly into the other end of the tube. dipping the plastic into hot water helped soften it enough to get a tight fit. 
 And finally here is a selection of our pretty bangles. Just a tip- the fine glitter may escape so a piece of clear sticky tape around the join will help keep it inside the bangle.


sewnbysaliba said...

Very Clever!! Will have to store this idea in the back of my mind for when I have kids!!

Rachael said...

Why wait till you have kids... Make some for yourself to wear!

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

They look like loads of fun!